Using Projectors

A projector can be your best tool for creating amazing illusions and effects for creating your haunted house.

Projectors make Halloween decorations come to life!

Use a bush to hide the projector.

Project onto a foam head from a craft store for a realistic talking head or heads. These look cool in person. It is hard to capture with the camera.

Here I built a headstone that hides the projector and protects it from rain.

Ghosts in your yard! Projecting onto a screen for a screen door. At night you can’t see the screen if you place it well.

Projector Q and A….

How much should I expect to spend? You can use a cheap projector ($400) for most decorations. Anything cheaper will be disappointing. Kit projectors that you find at big box stores around halloween are not worth the money. Check Best Buy for open box or clearance models.

What features should I look for? Lumens are key! The higher the better. In my experience you ant at least 1500 lumens. The brighter the output the better. I would not use any of the small pico style projectors as they will not be bright enough to work well.

Can I put the projector in a box to hide it? Projectors get HOT. Keep this in mind when placing. It will need a lot of airflow. That I why I built a gave stone with an open back to protect the projector and allow appropriate airflow.

Do I need HD? Not if you are only using it for Halloween decorations. The higher resolution can help but is not needed.

Why would I spend that much on a projector? Because it makes an amazing Halloween decoration! Do you want to have the coolest Haunted House or not? Plus you can use the projector for watching movies on the side of your house etc.

How do I prevent over wash? You can cut a mask out of cardboard. Just this to limit any extra video wash. I also use backlighting to help hide anything that sneaks through.

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