Grave Digger

List of Parts:

  1. 110v to 12v power converter Amazon Link
  2. 12v wiper motor Amazon Link
  3. Speed Controller Amazon Link
  4. Black and red wire for 12v hook up
  5. 12v light source ( I used a red LED trailer marker)
  6. Crappy Shovel
  7. Skeleton : The one I used
  8. Some 2×4 stock
  9. 2x Some plywood or 1×12 (I used 1×12″x24″long for the base
  10. Some chicken wire with a fine mesh
  11. Expanding foam (I used 3 cans)
  12. 1 Heavy duty hinge (needs to be able to hold shovel with out bending)
  13. 1 – 1/4×20 rod
  14. 2 – 1/4×20 couplers
  15. 2 – 1/4×20 I loops
  16. 1 washer
  17. Screws to assemble base
  18. Zip ties Black and also normal off white color
  19. Paint

The Build Instructions

  1. Build the base. I used a 1×12 14″ long. I used 2×4 for the sides.
  2. Attach the hinge to the front.
  3. Drill holes in shovel and attach to front of base.
  4. Attach a wood block to the foot area of the shovel. This will be used as a foot rest for the skeleton and also to attach the wiper motor.
  5. Wire the AC/DC converter, to the speed controller, to the 12v wiper motor.
    1. NOTE: Don’t electrocute yourself or burn down your house. Know what you are doing.
  6. Test the electrical components before mounting.
  7. Mount wiper motor and electrical components. You want to make sure that the shaft that rotates will int up with where you will attach it to the shovel.
  8. Attach the wiper motor to the block on the shovel. I used 1/4×20 rod and I hooks. I used a rubber grommet from the wiper motor and pushed it into the I hook. Then pushed it onto the output shaft of the wiper motor. I held it in place with a C clip. On the shovel side i just used a large washer and exterior screw into the wood.
  9. TEST it all to make sure there are no issues.
  10. Bend 1/2 conduit to match the contour of the skeleton and once happy paint it black.
  11. Zip tie skeleton to the conduit
  12. Drill hole in base to mount conduit and skeleton. (I doubled up 2x4s for this.
    1. NOTE: Skeleton should be above the components quit a bit.
  13. Run extra positive and negative front the power supply to the outside of the base.
  14. Create a lid for the base. I used plywood. Cut holed for the rod and also the conduit and attach.
  15. Attach the chicken wire and shape as desired.
  16. Spray with expanding foam to make your dirt pile shape.
  17. Cut to shape and paint.
  18. Attach extra wire to a 12v light for up lighting.
  19. Touch up Skeleton with paint. I like to repaint the eyes with black.
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